Standardized operational requirements testing for solar and energy storage on the electric grid help to minimize industry cost, stimulate innovative technologies, and support safe and secure renewable energy products. Element is certified by SunSpec Alliance as an Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL), helping manufacturers test and certify their solar PV and energy storage systems.

Element announces CA Rule 21 – Distributed Energy Resource (DER) certification requirement testing for:

  • Servers
  • DER Clients
  • DER Aggregator Clients

The SunSpec Certified program provides conformance testing inherent in CA Rule 21 and IEEE 2030.5 Common Smart Inverter Profile (CISP) DER interoperability, data communications, and cybersecurity functionality standards, while complying with international testing guidelines. 

To receive additional guidance regarding IEEE 2030.5-2018 (further defined by CA Rule 21) interconnection testing requirements and certifications for your smart Inverter products, contact our experts today.

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