Unlock the potential of your design projects with Element Digital Engineering’s Design and Development Services. Our integrated approach combines detailed modelling, innovative software solutions, and comprehensive design optimization to deliver unparalleled results.


Element in Design and Development

Element Digital Engineering stands at the forefront of design innovation, recognized for our expertise in integrating state-of-the-art design technologies with traditional engineering excellence. Our team is equipped to handle complex design challenges across diverse industries, ensuring that your projects not only meet but exceed expectations. Contact our expert team today to explore how our design and development services can transform your concepts into reality.


Benefits of Element Digital Engineering's Design and Development Services

  • Precision Modeling: Harness our CFD, FEA, and CAD capabilities for detailed and accurate design simulations.
  • Custom Software Solutions: Benefit from bespoke software that enhances design accuracy and operational efficiency.
  • Digital Twins: Utilize digital twins for real-time analysis and lifecycle management, ensuring designs are both innovative and practical.
  • Design Optimization: Leverage simulation-driven design and parametric optimization to refine and perfect your projects.
  • Change Management: Implement design changes smoothly with our proven strategies and processes.


Integrating Complex Design Requirements with Precision

Integrating complex design requirements can be a daunting task, especially when precision is paramount. Our design engineering services provide advanced modelling and simulation tools that ensure every aspect of your design meets the highest standards of accuracy. We help you integrate intricate design elements seamlessly, reducing errors and enhancing the quality of the final product.


Managing and Implementing Design Changes Efficiently

Managing design changes efficiently is crucial to keeping projects on track. Our robust design change management processes ensure that any modifications are implemented smoothly and effectively. We provide clear documentation and strategic guidance to manage revisions without disrupting your project timeline.

Services we Offer for Design and Development 

Engineering Design Service

Engineering Design Services

Enhance your design process with our Engineering Design Services for faster, more precise market-ready solutions. Discover more today.

Modeling and Simulation Services

Modeling and Simulation Services

Optimize your product design and development with our modeling and simulation services. Our expertise ensures cost-effective, compliant solutions. Enhance your designs today.

Software Development for Engineering Services

Software Development for Engineering Services

Discover how software development services from Element can optimize your product design and development processes to enhance performance and reliability.

Test rig design services

Test Rig Design Services 

Learn how our Test Rig Design Services, tailored to simulate real-world conditions, ensure your tests meet exact industry standards and operational needs.

Hydrogen fuel cells design analysis

Case Study - Hydrogen fuel cell design analysis to optimize flow paths within the cell core

Understand how Element Digital Engineering used CFD modeling to improve the design of hydrogen fuel cells, and optimize the flow paths within the cell core.

digital twin white paper

Whitepaper - Predicting Performance and Integrity with Digital Twins

Download our white paper to learn how we utilize digital twins to predict future operating data to improve performance, and integrity of equipment.

Improving aerodynamic performance Angel Trains

Case Study - Improving Aerodynamic Performance of Angel Trains Rolling Stock

Learn how Element Digital Engineering utilized Computational Fluid Dynamics and experience in aerodynamics to assess the performance of a DMU train fitted with a simple intercarriage fairing.

Mining Equipment

Case Study - Development of a Fast-Solving, Physics-Based Comminution Model for a Global Mining Company

Discover how Element’s Digital Engineering team worked with a global mining company to optimize the design of their rock crushing (or “comminution”) machines, to improve performance, enable energy efficiency, and extend lifetime estimates.


Meet The Experts

At the forefront of Element Materials Technology is a global team of Digital Engineering experts making the complex simple.              

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Digital Engineering Insights

Discover our digital thought leadership through our articles, white papers, and technical bulletins written by industry experts.

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Case Studies

Element Digital Engineering utilize modeling, simulation, data science, and other digital solutions to help our customers solve complex problems.

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