About Element Wimborne 

Element Wimborne site is our European Aerospace EMC and Environmental Testing centre of excellence and an SC21 signatory site, with UKAS accreditation to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

We have the largest capacity for aerospace Environmental and EMC Testing in the UK which makes Wimborne the ideal testing partner for aerospace, military, transportation, energy and industrial manufacturers needing to ensure their product is compliant with either industry-specific standards or in-service conditions.

Our areas of technical expertise at Element Wimborne include EMC Testing, Environmental Testing, EMC Testing for Aerospace and Early Stage Qualification (ESQ®). This unique ESQ programme from Element enables us to with clients that are looking to gain qualification or take to products to a global market, by reducing the time and frequency of testing prior to compliance.

At Element Wimborne site we have a number of specific EMC chambers, reverberation chambers and indirect lighting equipment that provide an unrivalled capacity to accommodate the demands of any aerospace sector product qualification programme. 

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Element Wimborne Cyber Essentials Scheme IASME A-00446
    PDF - 142.07 KB Download
  • Element Wimborne ISO 9001 LRQA Certificate
    PDF - 284.65 KB Download
  • Element Wimborne ISO 17025 UKAS Certificate
    PDF - 1.88 MB Download
  • Element Wimborne Notified Body 0891 99 5 EC RTTE
    PDF - 3.29 KB Download
  • Element Wimborne Notified Body 0891 2014 30 EU Electromagnetic compatibility
    PDF - 3.39 KB Download
  • Element Wimborne Recognised Test Laboratory CertAlarm
    PDF - 87.05 KB Download
  • Element Wimborne VCA Technical Service TS-0020
    PDF - 34.96 KB Download

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