About Element Wimborne 

Element Wimborne is a European Aerospace, Military and Civil EMC Testing centre of excellence.

We have the largest capacity for aerospace Environmental and EMC Testing in the UK which makes Wimborne the ideal testing partner for aerospace, military, transportation, energy, rail, marine, medical and industrial manufacturers needing to ensure their product is compliant with either industry-specific standards or in-service conditions.


Laboratory Capabilities and Services 

Our laboratory has several EMC chambers, reverberation chambers, and indirect lightning test equipment that provides capacity to accommodate the product qualification program demands of many sectors.

Our capabilities include: 

  • 2 x 3M CISPR16 semi-anechoic EMC Chambers 
  • 3 x Transient Chambers 
  • 3 x Mill/Aero EMC Chambers 
  • 2 x Reverb Chambers 
  • 1 x Indirect Lightning Laboratory  

Element Wimborne’s technical areas of expertise include EMC Testing for Aerospace, Marine, Defence, CE and UKCA Marking, and Lightning Testing. Our military EMC Testing and qualification services are designed to provide defence validation as well as help companies perform Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) testing in a short time. 

The Wimborne EMC Testing centre also has the extensive capacity and expertise for commercial and industrial EMC Testing, such as IT and office equipment, multimedia and audio-visual, medical devices, laboratory equipment, industrial equipment, consumer electronics (white and brown goods) and lighting.


Our Accreditations 

Element Wimborne has UKAS accreditation to International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017. 

The full scope of our accreditations and approvals is available for download below.

online guide

Direct Vs. Indirect Lightning Strike Testing

Direct lightning strike testing is a crucial part of aircraft design and qualification. Manufacturers must ensure that not only the aircraft frame but also its electronics, equipment, and critical components, such as fuel tanks, can withstand the effects of a lightning strike. In order to avoid catastrophic failures, it is imperative that they all continue to perform as expected. 

Click here to read our online guide.

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Hitchin JOSCAR Certificate
    PDF - 567.42 KB View
  • Wimborne Cyber Essentials
    PDF - 91.15 KB View
  • Wimborne Cyber Essentials Plus
    PDF - 451.99 KB View
  • Wimborne ISO 17025 UKAS Certificate
    PDF - 1.23 MB View
  • Wimborne ISO 17025 UKAS Scope
    HTML - 136 B View
  • Wimborne ISO 9001 LRQA Certificate
    PDF - 900.34 KB View
  • Wimborne VCA Technical Service TS 0020
    PDF - 637.97 KB View

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