About Element Anaheim

Element Anaheim has developed over the last forty years to become one of the world’s foremost laboratories for the testing of non-metallic materials.

The laboratory offers a single location testing service across a range of materials including advanced polymer composites, adhesives, thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers and ceramic matrix composites (CMC).

Located in Orange County, California, our laboratory is in the heart of the Greater Los Angeles Aerospace Cluster, traditionally the hub of the US aerospace industry. The laboratory serves a broad and geographically diverse group of clients that includes prime contractors / OEMs; tier 1 and tier 2 subcontractors; and raw material suppliers. Element Anaheim is considered a center of excellence for many types of destructive testing, particularly in the emerging field of CMC materials.

The laboratory’s standard services include static mechanical, dynamic (fatigue and creep) and physical / chemical testing. In addition, Anaheim has a fully equipped machine shop for specimen preparation; environmental chambers for moisture conditioning; and facilities to lay-up polymer composite materials including laminate cure capabilities, utilizing autoclave, press and oven curing methods.

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Anaheim Airbus Approval
    PDF - 155.76 KB Download
  • Anaheim Boeing Approval
    PDF - 40.74 KB Download
  • Anaheim Embraer Approval
    PDF - 24.17 KB Download
  • Anaheim Erickson Air Crane Approval
    PDF - 28.65 KB Download
  • Anaheim GE Aviation Approval
    PDF - 36.7 KB Download
  • Anaheim Gulfstream Approval
    PDF - 106.79 KB Download
  • Anaheim Hexcel Approval
    PDF - 336.92 KB Download
  • Anaheim LAB ISO 17025 Accreditation
    PDF - 165.78 KB Download
  • Anaheim MAP Pharmaceuticals Approval
    PDF - 127.38 KB Download
  • Anaheim MD Helicopters Approval
    DOC - 251.5 KB Download
  • Anaheim Nadcap Scope Non Metallics
    PDF - 394.79 KB Download
  • Anaheim Nadcap Accreditation Non Metallics
    PDF - 490.02 KB Download
  • Anaheim UTC Approval
    PDF - 95.6 KB Download

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