Thermo mechanical fatigue (TMF) provides insights into material properties under simultaneous cyclic thermal and mechanical strain. Used to evaluate the combined effects of temperature and strain cycling on a material, thermo mechanical fatigue testing is an important part of material qualification for aerospace, oil and gas, transportation and more. 

Thermo Mechanical Fatigue Testing (TMF)

Unlike isothermal fatigue tests, thermo mechanical fatigue testing uses cyclic strain and cyclic temperature to predict how materials in high-temperature or high-stress environments deform over time, and at different strain levels. TMF is particularly useful for materials and equipment that experience a range of thermal environments during usage, such as turbine parts and engine components.

Element’s thermo mechanical fatigue experts are highly trained, and have a wealth of experience in fatigue testing programs. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our lab can reliably measure material behavior under thermomechanical fatigue conditions.

Materials Testing for Thermal Environments

Mechanical strain range, strain rate, temperature rate, and the phasing between temperature and mechanical strain are a number of critical parameters that are carefully controlled, monitored, or adjusted in order to accurately characterize thermo mechanical behavior of the material being tested at Element Cincinnati.

The Element Advantage for Thermo Mechanical Fatigue Testing

Element generally perform thermo mechanical fatigue tests according to ASTM E2368. However, our experts have years of experience performing a variety of custom designed projects, and we can assist in developing and testing protocols that meet your unique needs. 

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