Element’s 6Mev Linear Accelerator emits high-energy radiation to enable quick and efficient radiographic testing of thick steel castings.

Based at the Sheffield Forgemasters site, Element is one of the few companies in the UK that are able to offer the Linear Accelerator Testing service.

Detect Defects with Linear Accelerator Testing

The Linear Accelerator testing is useful to a range of sectors including the Aerospace, Defense, and the Energy markets. It is a form of non-destructive testing used to detect defects in weld quality, castings, and structures, revealing faults such as porosity, inclusions, and cracks.

In comparison to traditional Gamma radiography of thick steel sections, the time taken to penetrate particular materials is vastly improved, from hours to minutes. 


Materials we test for Linear Acceleration

The 6 MeV X-ray source is used for X-ray radiography applications. The equipment is most suited for industrial radiography, penetrating cast steel of over 300mm cumulative wall thickness, however, it can be used to speed up the test time on smaller pieces of metals and for a range of product types including castings, welds & forgings.

X-ray images can be produced on a variety of media from traditional film to the latest digital and computerized technology.


Testing Standards

Our experts are able to test to both nationally and internationally recognized standards including but not limited to:

  • DEF-STAN 02-729
  • T9074-AS-GIB-010-271 REV 1 (NAVSEA)
  • ASME V & BS EN ISO 5579


The Element advantage in Linear Accelerator Testing

Our LINAC radiographic capabilities enable faster and more efficient turnaround times, as well as improved quality control. We also provide conventional radiography, computed radiography, digital radiography, computed tomography, and close proximity radiography at our laboratories around the world.

Contact our expert team, and partner with Element for all your NDT needs and ensure your products are safe, reliable, and get to market quickly.


Linear Accelerator Testing (LINAC)

Watch our video, with digital technologist, Christina George to learn about our unique Linear Accelerator capabilities. 

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