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Miguel Jiménez

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Miguel Jiménez

Metals, Product Qualification Testing

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Miguel Jiménez is an innovation expert with over 12 years of experience in the field of advanced materials and product qualification technologies across a wide range of sectors including aerospace, defense, renewables, metallurgic and healthcare industries.

CERSOL is a study of high temperature and pressure ceramic receiver for hybrid solar systems with gas turbine and combined cycle systems.

Main goals of CERSOL project

Ceramic receiver manufacturing for CSP systems with hybrid solar tower technology integrated to commercial scale. It increases the supply of heat exchange between the receiver and the fluid thanks to the optimal thermal and mechanical properties of ceramic materials. 

Element Seville role in CERSOL project  
  • Tension characterization of the ceramic material at high and room temperatures
  • Sealant elements characterization at high temperature (compression, load and unload, compressibility and recovery, relaxation and tension)
  • Characterization of the ceramic-metallic join of mechanical elements (screws and washers)
  • Characterization at high temperature (static and fatigue)

Execution: April 2013 - December 2014  

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