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Miguel Jiménez

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Miguel Jiménez

Metals, Product Qualification Testing

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Miguel Jiménez is an innovation expert with over 12 years of experience in the field of advanced materials and product qualification technologies across a wide range of sectors including aerospace, defense, renewables, metallurgic and healthcare industries.

Automated assembly and advanced manufacturing by deposition processes for low cost structures reducing the environmental impact

FACTORIA is a project oriented to automated eco-efficient and low cost manufacturing process technologies, as well as advanced assembly solutions which allow high production for composite components and structures.

Factoria 1
Main goals of FACTORIA project

FACTORIA presents three main objectives. First of all, production cadency increase by means of fast manufacturing (Additive Manufacturing processes and machines), automation of manufacturing processes through composite materials deposition in pre-preg and Non Crimp Fabrics (NCF) and optimized solutions of structural assembly and collaborative robotics.

Secondly, FACTORIA aims to improve the robustness of current low cost processes for components manufacturing.

Finally, the project is focused on the reduction of environmental impact by means of materials recycling and the development of more efficient manufacturing processes.

Factoria 2
Element Seville role in FACTORIA project

Element Seville participation in FACTORIA project relies on testing and validation activities. These tasks involve tools manufacturing by means of Additive Layer Manufacturing technology (ALM), as well as manufacturing and validation of several hybrid material configurations (adhesive or mechanical joints) using ALM manufactured elements.

Element Seville also performs research and trials of SHM implementation in ALM-manufactured laminates and development of an equipment for identifying and quantifying elastic strain produced by impact testing performance, quantification of defect evolving produced in composite elements during fatigue testing by means of non-destructive tests and characterization testing of dissimilar thermoplastic materials reinforced by short-fibres for injection processes. FACTORIA project starts in May of 2016 and finishes in December of 2019.

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