Miguel Jiménez is an innovation expert with over 12 years of experience in the field of advanced materials and product qualification technologies across a wide range of sectors including aerospace, defense, renewables, metallurgic and healthcare industries.

Industry experience 

After a first degree in Mechanical Engineering, Miguel obtained certification as a Project Manager Professional and complemented his academic background with a postgraduate in management and promotion of international research and development actions.

Since then, Miguel has dedicated his career to product strategy and managing a portfolio of Research and Development projects in the field of experimental validation technologies helping different industry sectors develop their products and investing to provide our laboratories with cutting-edge testing technologies.

As Element's Aerospace & Defense Innovation Specialist, Miguel’s role is to support all Element laboratories who invest and develop new testing technologies and services.


Career highlights 

Miguel’s extremely varied career includes many highlights, some of which are:

  • Multi-axial full-scale test system for regional aircraft’ fuselage structures
  • Design, manufacturing and proof of concept validation of patient-specific AM spinal implants
  • Studies for Structural Health Monitoring, Manufacturing and Repair Technologies for Life Management of Composite Fuselage
  • Development of Deployable Solar Panels for Cubesats and Small Satellites: Design, manufacturing, characterization and validation
  • Optimization of duplex stainless steel hot working for the production of low-thickness laminates by means of work hardening
  • Study of low-cost and high-production composite manufacturing technologies
  • High temperature and pressure ceramic receiver for hybrid solar systems with gas turbine and combined cycle systems.
  • Smart Fuselage Cockpit Development for transport and assistance Operations
  • New Slab Track System for High Speed, sustainable and environmentally friendly rail transport.
  • Innovative Flight Control Systems for a new generation of regional aircraft
  • Research in Composites Repairs based on Innovative Techniques
  • Real-time Optoelectronic Sensors for Electro-Actuator Hydraulic Fluid Contamination Monitoring




Professional qualifications

  • Official College of Industrial Engineering Graduates, Industrial Technical Engineers and Industrial Experts of Seville. Registration number 11895
  • Certified PMP® Project Manager Professional since Jul. 2015 Nº1828320


Miguel is, and has been involved in different research associations dedicated to the promotion of collaborative research projects as well as research project’s advisory boards:


Sector Expertise

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