About Element Seville

Element Seville provides a comprehensive range of destructive and non-destructive materials testing services; engineering advisory services; product qualification testing (PQT); and vibration testing services for both metals and a wide variety of advanced materials.

Located at the Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia, Aerópolis, Element Seville is one of the few laboratories in Europe with the capacity and approval to carry out testing of major components for the global aerospace sector, and is an approved Tier 1 supplier to Airbus. The laboratory holds Nadcap accreditation for metallic materials testing (MTL), non-metallic materials testing (NMMT).

Element Seville is focused on providing technical support to industry in materials behaviour, through mechanical, physical chemical and structural testing on both materials and components.

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Seville 9001 Certificate
    PDF - 803.95 KB Download
  • Seville 9100 Certificate
    PDF - 923.63 KB Download
  • Seville Aerotec Approval
    PDF - 114.25 KB Download
  • Seville Airbus Approval
    PDF - 221.19 KB Download
  • Seville Airbus Approval Structural Tests
    PDF - 38.02 KB Download
  • Seville D1 4426 Boeing Approval
    PDF - 121.21 KB Download
  • Seville Embraer Qualification
    PDF - 1.15 MB Download
  • Seville ISO 14001 Certificate EQA
    PDF - 787.98 KB Download
  • Seville Laboratory Accreditation To BAERD GEN018 MSi123065
    PDF - 34.67 KB Download
  • Seville NADCAP Metals Certificate
    PDF - 95.81 KB Download
  • Seville NADCAP Non Metals Certificate
    PDF - 105.29 KB Download
  • Seville NDT Certificate
    PDF - 93.56 KB Download
  • Seville NMMT Certificate
    PDF - 93.56 KB Download
  • Seville UNE EN ISO IEC 17025 Certificate
    PDF - 495.72 KB Download

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