What is the EN 55035, and what's changing?

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EN 55103-2 and EN 55024 are already withdrawn. Manufacturers must use EN 55035:2017/A11:2020 to demonstrate compliance to the EMC Directive for the CE Marking certification.


What is EN 55035, and what has changed?


EN 55035:2017/A11:2020 considers the electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment (MME). The European standard helps to ensure that such equipment uses the recommended range and does not interfere with other multimedia equipment by following immunity requirements and performance criteria.


The standard combines the EMC immunity requirements for all multimedia equipment which were previously categorized separately and covered by:


  • EN 55103-2 (Immunity for Professional Entertainment Lighting and Control)
  • EN 55024 (Immunity for information technology equipment)
  • EN 55020 (Immunity for sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment)



Is EN 55020 still valid?


EN 55020 was withdrawn when such equipment was recategorized to fall under the Radio Equipment Directive as opposed to EMC regulations



Is EN 55103-2 and EN 55024 still valid?

EN 55103-2 and EN 55024 was withdrawn from July and September 2022, respectively. The date of withdrawal for EN 55103-2 was July 28, 2022, and the date of withdrawal for EN 55024 was September 16, 2022.


After the withdrawal dates, manufacturers would no longer be able to demonstrate compliance or have a presumption of conformity to the EMC Directive for CE Marking. This means CE Marking of any products tested to these standards will become invalid.


Why is EN 55035 Important? 


If not already, manufacturers will need to test products to EN 55035, which is considered part of the requirements necessary to show compliance to the EMC Directive, aligned with EN 55032 for emissions.

What should I do as a manufacturer?

If you are a manufacturer of multimedia equipment, you will now need to:

  1. Review their documentation to ensure their product is tested to the latest version of the standard
  2. Perform additional testing where relevant to bring them up to the current standard and ensure compliance
  3. Update technical documentation, test results and declarations to reflect the new standard and demonstrate conformity to legislation.
  4. Define what equipment parameters should be monitored to ensure that required performance criteria are kept.


The Element advantage

Element can assist manufacturers in providing a full review of their documentation to identify if they have all the regulatory compliance evidence, including technical documents, required and that it will continue to be valid.

Our experts, working across Element’s European and US laboratories, can also carry out any of the additional test requirements that may be needed to ensure continued compliance.

For support in checking if your product is compliant with EN 55035:2017/A11:2020, and if you have all the relevant evidence in place, please contact our experts who can help you from R&D to reality.

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