With 3D laser scanning and tracking services Element offers solutions for high-precision dimensional inspection of large components.

For manufacturers of large parts and components with a need for accurate, in-production dimensional inspection and verification with high precision, Element Metech provides on-site laser tracking services with a team of experienced metrology technicians. 

Our team travels all over the world to inspect and verify production processes and component quality prior to delivery. Laser tracking is primarily used for:

  • Dimensional inspection and validation of large components, products, and surfaces
  • Alignment and leveling inspections at the installation of production equipment
  • Validation and calibration of production or measuring equipment

Typical applications for laser tracking

  • Wind turbine rotor blades
  • Aircraft structure and components
  • Marine vessel frame structure and hull 
  • Rail chassis and bodywork
  • Installation of production equipment


How laser tracking works

Laser trackers accurately measure large objects by determination of spatial XYZ positions of optical targets (reflectors) manually held against target points on the object. Objects and surfaces can also be scanned by the reflector being moved over a surface.

The laser tracker is set up on a tripod, and from each position, it can measure up to 80 m with optical centering accuracy down to ± 2.5 microns offering high accuracy line of sight measurement. The reflectors are "retroreflective" and reflect the laser beam only directly back to the laser tracker.

From a defined reference point, the technician moves the reflector to the target object and triggers measurements to be taken at selected points. The method is fast and precise. Measurement data can be delivered in various formats to plot the points or to calculate deviations from positions on drawing files. 


3D laser scanning

If the laser tracking reflector is moved over a surface, 3D coordinates can be measured either by single points in a distance, for example every 15 mm, or a desired number of coordinates per second.


Dimensional inspection - The Element advantage

Element offers several metrology services like dimensional inspections, surface roughness testing, 3D measuring services with photogrammetry , and 3D metrology with computed tomography.  Our measurement services also include parts inspection by coordinate measuring machine (CMM) in our laboratories or in-field using portable CMM equipment. 

Additionally, Element Metech is a leading provider of Calibration and Measurement services in Europe.

For more information about laser tracking services or to request a quote, contact us today.

Page image: Courtesy of LM Wind Power

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