Element Lafayette is one of the few laboratories in the United States to offer analytical as well as aquatic toxicity testing services under one roof. Our team of experts has the knowledge, dedication and expertise to service all of your bioassay needs by providing biomonitoring toxicity tests for petroleum, industrial and municipal customers as well as product qualification and R&D technical support for product registration and R&D endeavors.

Partnering with Element Lafayette allows your company to mitigate risk knowing that our experts are working diligently to help ensure your success, and bring a safe product to market quickly.

Element Lafayette’s Bioassay Division is accredited by NELAP, Louisiana DEQ, Oklahoma DEQ and Texas DEQ, and follows the Indiana standards for WET testing.

Our lab management and key personnel average over 21 years of bioassay experience, providing our customers with experience and understanding of routine testing as well as the ability to handle unique requests. Element Lafayette is an annual participant in EPA
DMR QA studies.

Programs We Support

  • GLP Compliant Bioassay & Biodegredation Testing
  • NCP (National Contingency Plan) Product Qualification
  • Product Development/Qualification Testing
  • Toxicity Analyses
  • GLP Compliant Toxicity and Biodegredation Testing

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