As the basic structural foundation for almost all construction, soil materials play an important role in the ultimate success of a project. Whether you're working in clay, silt, sand, gravel, peat, or loam, understanding the soil properties of your site help you make good construction decisions.

In-lab and onsite

Element laboratories perform in-house and onsite testing of soil materials used for subgrades, structural fills, roadways, and earthen dams, providing valuable information that assists design engineers in achieving sound engineering practices.

Element soils laboratory scientists sample, analyze, and classify soil materials, utilizing the most current state, federal, and industry standards and specifications. Our highly skilled geotechnical engineers interpret these results and make recommendations and/or conclusions regarding material compliance in accordance with the project requirements. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Geotechnical Soil Testing and Analysis: Element soil labs perform sophisticated and complex geotechnical soil testing methods, such as permeability, unconfined compressive strength triaxial shear, consolidation linear shrinkage tests and hydrometer analysis.

  • Construction Materials Testing and Engineering: Element soils technicians and engineers perform classifications and identification of materials properties using advanced testing methods, such as Atterberg limits, moisture/density relationship, sieve analysis, and organic content.

  • Soil Analysis Field Services: Once your project moves into the placement and compaction phases, Element’s certified construction materials technicians work at the job site to conduct field moisture tests, using nuclear and conventional methods, as well as periodic sampling of materials to verify continued compliance and uniform quality with the required specifications or standards.

Element soil testing lab capabilities include:
  • water content testing
  • void ration testing
  • bulk density testing
  • shear strength testing
  • consolidation testing
  • soil compaction testing
  • soil classification services
  • Atterberg limits testing
  • hydrometer testing
  • Proctor compaction testing
  • sieve analysis
  • triaxial shear testing
  • nuclear densometer testing
  • bearing capacity testing

Service Details

Soil Testing & Analysis Standards


T 88, T 89, T 90, T 99, T100, T180, T191, T208, T216, T265, T310


C 97, C 99 / C99M, C 117, C 128, C 131, C 136, C 142 / C142M, C 170 / C170M, C 535, C 566, D 421, D 422, D 698, D 854, D1556, D1557, D2166, D2216, D2435, D2922, D2950, D3017, D4318, D4867, D6938

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