Element laboratories provide comprehensive soil salinity tests and pH testing to help farmers diagnose and manage problems associated with soil fertility. 

Expert pH and salinity testing is critical in agriculture, as these factors affect plant nutrition and soil fertility. Most plant nutrients are optimally available to plants within a pH range of 6.0 to 7.5 and high salt levels in soil hinder water absorption, causing drought-like effects in the plant.

At-home soil testing kits for hobbyists and homeowners in the US and Canada are now available at elementcertified.com.


Factors affecting soil salinity

Salts tend to accumulate in low, poorly drained areas and in areas with low rainfall and high evaporation. Soils may also become saline because of land use, including the use of fertilizers, most of which are salts, or irrigation water with high salt levels. By undertaking soil salinity testing, you can minimize the damaging impact of high salinity on plant growth. 

Element’s soil laboratories offer expert pH testing and salinity analysis to help you address problems caused by salt accumulation in soil. This can help you maximize yields and improve the quality of your land.


Soil salinity and pH testing

Our experts perform soil salinity tests in conjunction with pH tests using a 1:2 soil-to-water mixture and a conductivity meter. Electrical conductivity (EC) measures the ability of the soil solution to conduct electricity and is expressed in decisiemens per meter (dS/m). An EC greater than 2 dS/m generally indicates salinity levels high enough to harm plants. 

The tolerance of crops to salinity can vary, and some may be negatively affected at ECs less than 2 dS/m. For example, Timothy grass, peas, and field beans can be sensitive to salinity. Canola, flax, oats, and wheat are slightly more salt-tolerant, and beets and asparagus tend to be very tolerant.


The Element advantage

At Element, we provide a complete suite of laboratory soil testing services. We employ a variety of soil testing methodologies and advanced technology to deliver accurate, reliable results that help you ensure compliance with the relevant regulations for your industry. 

While some of our services include the analysis of soil and water for nutrients, Element also specializes in the analysis of potentially harmful contaminants such as volatile and semi-volatile compounds, metals, petroleum, herbicides, and pesticides

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Home Tsting Kits

Element Certified now provides easy & comprehensive at-home soil testing

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