As new and innovative products are being designed for the IoT market, the need for zigbee 3.0 certification is increasing. Element is a long-standing partner of the zigbee alliance and is the ideal partner to advise and assist with testing, certifying and launching your IoT and wireless products.

Element supports manufacturers and developers of electronic devices with guidance, pre-testing and testing for zigbee 3.0 certification. As a recognized zigbee alliance test house, and Notified Body for radio, EMC and safety testing in Europe, we can assist with navigating the legal regulations of the global market, and attaining an IEE 802.15.4 zigbee certification. 

Zigbee 3.0 pre-testing and the zigbee 3.0 test tool

Element is the original developer of the zigbee 3.0 test tool, which is provided to ZigBee Alliance members companies to aid their pre-test and development efforts. Our unique knowledge of the Zigbee test protocols allows our testing team to provide you precise and constructive feedback during both pretesting and formal testing, allowing rapid fixes and minimizing delays to product launch schedules.If needed, a dedicated engineer can provide technical input during the development phase of products to guide you through the relevant specifications for zigbee 3.0 testing.

Zigbee 3.0 testing

When products are ready for certification, Element provides formal zigbee 3.0 testing. Our multiple testing locations in Europe, US and China also ensure that testing takes place in the most convenient time zone for your needs. We can leverage our expertise to provide advice and guidance during testing, and can assist in debugging problem areas that arise during evaluation. 

Zigbee 3.0 certification

After testing is complete, we will issue a test report that can be used to request zigbee 3.0 certification from the zigbee alliance. We support our clients by liaising with other members of the alliance to ensure that certifications are delivered on time to introduce your products to the market. Alongside your zigbee certification, our extensive regulatory accreditations and dedicated Global Approvals team ensure that Element can provide test services for your Radio, EMC, Safety and Environmental certification requirements and provide access to the widest possible set of global markets with the minimum set of tests. 

Zigbee service list

Element provides test to the most current version of zigbee alliance standards. We offer the following services as part of zigbee 3.0 testing:

  • Zigbee 3.0
  • Zigbee Smart Energy
  • Zigbee Green power (ZGP)
  • Zigbee Compliant Platform (ZCP)
  • Zigbee PHY and MAC

We can also provide testing for compliance with several zigbee ecosystems. Specifically, we provide zigbee 3.0 certification to Daintree and Comcast ecosystems.

The Element advantage

As a world leader in electronic device and approvals testing, Element is single-source provider for comprehensive zigbee 3.0 testing services. We have high levels of knowledge and expertise in approvals and regulations for countries around the world, and can support you in taking products to new markets. We understand the pressures and requirements of performing testing for product certification, and do everything we can to reduce cost and time to market. 

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