The interaction between adjoining vehicle parts in varying climates is often a critical concern during product development. Element’s 3D measurement services can provide a complete picture of component interaction without causing damage to your sample. 

Through the use of GOM Tritop 3D measurement system, our experts can simultaneously capture the interaction of multiple components, providing an accurate overall picture of part interaction under various simulated environments. The data generated can be used to identify areas of weakness in design and provide valuable information about the behavior of new trial materials.

The non-contact TRITOP system replaces conventional displacement measuring systems or LVDTs, capturing displacements and deformations rapidly without cables or cumbersome sensors trying to fit into small spaces on complex components, reducing interference with the measuring object. The multi-point measurement nature of the system allows a much faster rate of sampling. You only need to apply the load once to measure the deformation at many points emanating from the origin of force, saving you a significant amount of testing time. 

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