Automotive manufacturers can now obtain more accurate data on airbag deployment and visual test results with Element’s new testing service, designed to provide highly precise simulations of real-world airbag deployment.

With state-of-the-art airbag deployment testing, automotive manufacturers can evaluate deployment times, including first seam rupture and time to full deployment and highlight any potential anomalies, such as debris release and resultant trajectories. Element’s integrated airbag testing system has been designed to meet the needs of teams working globally, as the high-speed video of an airbag deploying from three camera angles simultaneously can be viewed from anywhere in the world via a live feed of the deployment. With up to 32 channels of data acquisition at 100kHz sampling rate to record sensors such as pressure, strain, load, and temperature, our state-of-the art laboratory in Warren, MI, continues to expand its capabilities to bring industry-leading solutions to automotive OEM and suppliers.

The system also provides two-stage adjustable squib pulse controls, ensuring accurate squib firing and integration for repetitive testing operations, and monitoring of all facility safety equipment, such as emergency stop switches, door sensors and locks, exhaust fans, and warning lights.
Static airbag deployment is tested to the following specifications:

  • PF.90322
  • ASTM D5428
  • SAE J1630
  • ISO 12097-2

The Element Advantage

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