For manufacturers across industries, product compliance is often the last step required before taking new technologies to market. Compliance testing to product standards can be a long and complex process – but it does not have to be. Our experts can provide you with testing services and regulatory guidance to clear the path to approval.

With the incorporation of advanced technology in consumer devices, compliance has become necessary for more industries than ever before. Manufacturers of industrial equipment, machinery household appliances, medical equipment, and many more are required to perform compliance testing to ensure that their products are safe and adhere to national or international standards.

With a global platform of laboratories specializing in a broad range of applications, Element is the ideal partner for your product testing needs. Our team of experts supports testing in the world’s fastest-growing industries, including medical devices, radio and wireless testing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). We offer certification for countries around the world, opening doors to new markets for your products. No matter what your needs are, we can support your journey to compliance with our extensive testing services. 

Our Product Compliance Testing Services 

EMC Testing

As one of the largest independent EMI and EMC testing companies in the US and the UK, we have years of experience testing products across industries. Our experts routinely provide testing and support for companies in the aerospace, medical device, commercial product, rail, and automotive sectors, and are approved by a variety of national and international accrediting bodies. Whether you need full product certification or independent test results, we provide accurate and reliable data that you can have confidence in.

Medical Device Testing

Our medical device testing and assessment labs can assist in providing safety testing, certification and regulatory affairs advice for a variety of product types, including In-vitro diagnostic equipment, implantable devices and general medical electrical equipment for home healthcare, emergency service or professional healthcare facilities.

Wireless (Radio) Testing

Leveraging our expertise in Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Services and wireless testing we help our clients certify a variety of products to multiple international regulations. Products include Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID), personal communication services, satellite communications and Short Range Devices (SRDs).

Our experts help you navigate the complicated hurdles of wireless compliance, getting your project to market without breaking your budget. We provide full testing and certification industries to major international schemes including:

As an EU Notified Body for many key directives, Element’s team of experts can help you define, test, and certify to the specifications you need to follow to file for CE marking.  From electronics to machinery, we ensure that your products are ready to be used anywhere in the EU. 

Telecoms Testing

Telecoms testing covers a wide range of test types for products that carry audio and/or visual information across cables. Important for industries involved in communication and infrastructure, telecoms testing is required for everything from traditional land line models to digital conferencing equipment. Our telecoms testing methods include NEBS, Telecoms Acoustic and CATV Broadband and Satellite Testing

Zigbee 3.0 Testing

Created out of the Internet of Things (IoT), zigbee testing is required for products that use wireless or Bluetooth devices to remotely control appliances. As a certified member of the Zigbee Alliance, Element is authorized to provide IEE 802.15.4 zigbee certification to manufacturers looking to enter the market. With a team of international certification and technical experts, we are the partner of choice for zigbee testing.

Advisory Services and Pre-Compliance Testing 

Designing products with compliance in mind mitigates risks to health and safety and helps ease the path to final certification. Our advisory services experts work with you to implement best practices early in your product’s design and prototyping stages, avoiding potential pitfalls and legal issues, and making final certification easier. 

International Certification 

In an increasingly global market, understanding the technical and legal requirements of certification across borders is critical for manufacturers looking to expand their customer base. Our international certification experts can assist in providing testing, guidance, and support for countries across the world, often combining multiple sets of requirements into a single test program.

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