As an independent certification body, Element provides a range of specialist certification services for the construction industry for products ranging from ready-mix concrete, to fire safety products, structural steel and potable water products. 

Using third-party certified products in your construction project provides reassurance to specifiers, and confidence in the ongoing competency of those constructing, inspecting, installing, maintaining and repairing the products they are responsible for.


Benefits of our construction certification services

Being able to demonstrate that the products selected for your construction project are certified brings significant benefits to your business: 

  • Financial – certification helps to optimize operations, reducing waste and improving efficiency and productivity, resulting in improvements in profitability
  • Protects your business – it contributes to protecting your business against risk and possible financial loss or penalties
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction – it improves quality, improves customer satisfaction and increases sales
  • Access to new markets – certification can be vital to winning new customers and in some cases retaining existing customers. Increased market share – certification increases productivity and competitive advantage.


The Element advantage

Element’s market-leading team of construction product certification experts in the UK and Asia can help you meet regional standards requirements across a range of products. In addition, Element are specialists in a broader range of certification – Chain of Custody, Management Systems, Sustainable Supply Chain and offer a comprehensive suite of product marking certification and Product Safety Testing, which may help to further support your project.

For more information on our construction certification services or to speak with one of our experts, contact us today. 

Our Services

We offer a variety of certification services for construction products and processes.

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Fire Safety Product Certification

From our Warringtonfire (UK), Singapore and Malaysia offices. Including fire safety products, product marking (UKCA and CE), Certifire, FIRAS and FRACS.

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Fire Door and Fire Stopping Schemes

A range of third party certification fire services for manufacturing, installation and maintenance services for fire doors and fire stopping products, from our BM TRADA (UK) experts.

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Q Mark and Product Marking for Construction

Q-Mark and product marking for construction projects from our BM TRADA (UK) experts, including the UKCA/UKNI/CE marks to help you get your products to market and meet tender specification requirements.

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Organics Testing in Water

Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme

Element’s Singapore Sungei Kadut Loop and Malaysia Johor teams can help provide 'The Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme' certification.


Ready-Mix Concrete Certification

Element Singapore Sungei Kadut Loop and Malaysia Johor provide Ready-Mix Concrete Certification, accredited by SAC (Singapore Accreditation Council).


Structural Steelworks Fabricators to SS EN 1090

Element Singapore Sungei Kadut Loop and Malaysia Johor are participating in the pilot project program initiated by the Singapore Accreditation Council, providing SS EN 1090 certification.


Green Building and Green Building Certification

Element Singapore Sungei Kadut Loop have been providing the consultancy for the Green Building Product Certification Scheme and can provide you with comprehensive guidance - from product assessment to testing services according to the required standard and regulation.