The Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) announced the certification of BS EN 13369 for Precast Concrete Products to all Certification Bodies in December 2022. This scheme is regulated by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and is set to become mandatory by 2024.


Requirements for Specialist Builders - Precast Concrete Products

All manufacturers supplying precast concrete products to the Singapore Construction Industry will be required to engage a third-party SAC accredited Certification Body to obtain certification under this scheme. The criteria will be based on BS EN 13369 'Common Rules for Precast Concrete Products' and CT 30 – SAC Criteria for Specialist Builders (Precast Concrete Products).


Precast Concrete Products Certification Service

Our team can provide support to ensure your compliance with Building and Construction Authority (BCA)’s requirements through the Precast Concrete Products Certification scheme. Get in touch with us for more information regarding application and submission requirements.


Benefits of Specialist Builder – Precast Concrete Products Certification Scheme

Get certified as a specialist builder for the Precast Concrete Products Certification scheme through Element Singapore Sungei Kadut Loop and enjoy the following benefits:

  • A standardized and systematic approach to achieving quality objectives that is acceptable for all parties. 
  • Reduced risk of delivering non-compliance product. 
  • Cost savings resulting from improved productivity, reduced downtime and reduced site testing. 
  • International recognition through the international accreditation body. 
  • Increased credibility as a specialist builder for precast concrete products


The Element Advantage

Element can offer a range of other related services to support your concrete needs, including concrete testing and its raw materials testing.


Terms and conditions for certification service.