Element’s corrosion experts make certain that the most suitable combination of corrosion inhibitors are selected to protect your assets and extend their life span. 

Corrosion inhibitor test methods

Element offers electrochemical corrosion inhibitor testing methods to simulate a wide range of environments, including sweet (CO2) and sour (H2S) conditions for Oil & Gas applications. We use Potentiodynamic Polarisation, Linear Polarisation Resistance (LPR), and Electrochemical Impedence Spectroscopy (EIS) test methods according to the most relevant ISO and ASTM standards to evaluate the influence and effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors. 

Facilities and equipment

Element’s state-of-the-art testing laboratories can simulate a wide variety of high-pressure high-temperature, flow regimes and sweet and sour environmental conditions:

Our experts have specialist knowledge in CO2 corrosion, H2S corrosion and galvanic corrosion. We make certain that fast and accurate results in corrosion inhibitor investigations are used to determine and maximize the lifespan of metal applications.For more information on Elements corrosion inhibitor test methods or to speak to an expert, please contact us today.

Corrosion inhibitor testing

Standards we test to

  • ISO 8044
  • ISO 16773
  • ASTM G3
  • ASTM G5
  • ASTM G59
  • ASTM G106

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