Elements laboratory in Mississauga, Canada has invested in dynamic wind uplift and air barrier apparatus to conduct testing of roof assemblies, roof membranes and air barriers in a horizontal configuration in accordance with CSA A123.21 and CAN/ ULC-S742. These Standards are a requirement for all roofing systems in the future National Building Code in Canada and this investment makes Element the only laboratory in the world to test to both standards.

As roof construction and technology change and concerns in the industry grow around new roof systems being caught by uplifting winds, test methods need to be updated to ensure they adequately reflect the qualities of membrane roof systems.

Element has developed a wind uplift testing chamber and control system in accordance with standard established by the National Research Council Canada Institute for Research in Construction (NRC-IRC). Element is currently working with various manufacturers as this roof wind uplift testing methodology has now been commercialized to align with the requirements of the National Building Code.

Dynamic wind uplift testing determines the resistance of membrane roofing systems when subjected to dynamic wind load cycles, for both mechanically attached-membrane roofing systems and adhered-membrane roofing systems. The apparatus can also measure air leakage rates to evaluate roofs as an air barrier system.

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