Element’s dynamic wind uplift testing simulates the effects of wind on membrane-roof assemblies, ensuring your product withstands wind uplift forces over time and meets the requirements of the Canadian standards CSA A123.21 and CAN/ ULC-S742.

Wind uplift forces introduce stresses within the roof system causing fatigue, which may result in severe roof damage and premature roof failure. Testing the resistance of roofing systems to wind dynamics has, therefore, become critical to roofing manufacturers to ensure their product resists the adverse wind conditions required by the relevant industry standards.  

Element has developed a wind uplift testing chamber in accordance with the standards established by the National Research Council of Canada - Institute for Research in Construction (NRC-IRC) and is the only independent third-party laboratory in Canada to be accredited to perform dynamic wind uplift testing to both CSA A123.21 and CAN/ ULC-S742. 

Understanding dynamic wind uplift testing

Dynamic wind uplift testing determines the dynamic uplift resistance (DUR) of a roof assembly. Knowledge of this rating is critical to select the appropriate roof assembly that can withstand potential wind uplift loads depending on the building and geographic location.     

To perform testing, we subject samples to dynamic wind load cycles based on wind pressure records, simulating the effects of wind on the sample in a controlled environment. 

The result of a dynamic wind uplift testing provides insight to estimate the structural resistance of a roofing system and ensures it meets wind load design requirements. It also helps to identify weaknesses in the roofing system, helping manufacturers to address them before catastrophic failure occurs.  

Hassle-free testing of a wide range of products and materials

Element is capable of conducting dynamic wind uplift testing of MARS, PARS, and AARS systems, evaluating a variety of materials, including:

    • Thermal barriers
    • Vapor barriers
    • Insulation (Polyiso, EPS, XPS, Mineral Wool)
    • Protection barriers
    • Base and cap sheets
    • Membranes
    • Built-up roofs
    • Adhesive (single and two-components)
    • Primers

Why choose Element? 

Element’s experts perform small and large-scale testing of both mechanically attached-membrane roofing systems (MARS), partially attached-membrane roofing systems (PARS) and adhered-membrane roofing systems (AARS).

Our dynamic wind uplift chamber allows us to test to a minimum pressure of 20 kPA (400 psf) up to 10 kPA (200 psf) and is large enough to accommodate samples up to 1,880 mm x 5, 791 mm (6.16 ft x 19 ft) in size. Multiple test frames enable us to test several roofs at the same time. 

The apparatus can also measure air leakage rates to evaluate roofs as an air barrier system. To learn more about our dynamic wind uplift testing services, or to speak to one of our experts, contact us today. 

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