Element offers specialist experience based asbestos advisory services backed by years of industry expertise for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and domestic organizations. We go beyond asbestos identification and risk assessment to help you with the big picture. With Element as your asbestos advisor, we will be with you through the entire process, from identification all the way through achieving and maintaining the required compliance.

Compliance gap analysis and advice

Gap analysis identifies and quantifies any shortfalls within your existing procedures, information, and training. This information allows you to develop a clear understanding of the next steps that must be taken to remain compliant.

Asbestos management plans and surveys

After looking at your gap analysis, Element can help create or update your asbestos management plan. This plan will include the current status of your property and guide how to manage asbestos at this property, setting out time scales, standards, and measurements to outline how you can reach and maintain compliance.

Asbestos removal project management

If asbestos must be removed from your property, there are many aspects of the removal process that must be closely managed. Element has the experience necessary to oversee asbestos removal, providing advice and guidance, preparing a plan for the scope of work, reviewing contractors cost proposals and plans of work, and monitoring the execution until we can ensure that it is safe to reenter the space.

Element as your asbestos removal project manager can save you from overpriced or under-qualified contractors. We will ensure that your asbestos will be removed safely and completely by licensed contractors in compliance with HSE CAR 2012 standards.

Asbestos awareness training

Workers entering an area that may or may not contain asbestos should complete asbestos awareness training to protect themselves and their co-workers from the hazards and risks posed by asbestos.

Asbestos training includes:

  • Properties of asbestos
  • Where asbestos may be found
  • What asbestos looks like
  • Health risks of contact with asbestos
  • How to avoid asbestos
  • Emergency procedures if contact with asbestos occurs

Expert witness services

If you have to be involved in an asbestos-related court action, Element can offer an expert witness to sit in court and provide an expert opinion on the presence and risk of asbestos on site.

Working in a UKAS accredited laboratory, our experts convey all our asbestos advice in line with national legislation under CAR 2012, and our testing and inspection services are delivered in accordance with the international standards ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020.

We are dedicated to providing complete management solutions through both asbestos testing and advisory services. Our goal is to help you achieve asbestos management compliance, prevent exposure to asbestos, and avoid the emotional consequences and severe risks associated with exposure.

For more information about our asbestos testing lab, or to know more about our asbestos advisory services, contact us today.


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