The testing of 3D printed products created with metals and polymers, regardless of which 3D printing technology, is just as important as raw material testing, if not more. While the material is often certified in its raw state, there are materials that, through the printing process, may suffer an introduction of porosity, voids, powder residue blocking channels, contamination, cracking, and deformations, to name a few.

Among the many services in Element’s scope of expertise, we can provide metallurgyNDT, porosity evaluation, SEM surface characterization, and chemistry testing and inspection to ensure that your metals 3D printed components are safe, perform to designed specification, and are free from material inconsistencies.

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Density Testing - B962, B331

Provides volume of complex shaped powder metallurgy products using the Archimedes' principle to ensure quality control and compressibility of base powders, mixed powders and premixes.

Hardness Testing Laboratories

Hardness Testing

Ensures that the part is resistant to deformation.

Tensile Testing Laboratory

Tensile Testing

Determines how much applied load and deformation can be placed on the part/material before it will deform and ultimately break.

Fatigue Testing 640 x 480

Fatigue Testing

Creates progressive and localized stresses and strains to determine where a fracture may occur.

Impact Testing 640 x 480

Impact Testing

Measures the amount of energy absorbed by a material as it fractures after being impacted at high strain rates.   

DSC 640 x 480

Microstructural Analysis

Qualitative microstructural descriptions and quantitative measurements describe the effects of processing and composition on structure that determine the mechanical properties of metals.


Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Through the use of X-Ray and other methods our NDT capabilities can determine if there are voids, cracks or if channels are being blocked.


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