Element’s chemical characterization testing and analysis help to confirm the identity and composition of chemical substances and materials used in your pharmaceutical products.

A thorough understanding of the type and quantity of the chemical constituents of a material is the first step to ensuring product quality. Chemical testing is also vital for contaminant detection and residue analysis, formulation and de-formulation, QC analysis, and failure investigations. 

Our chemical analysis laboratories house a wide array of analytical equipment, including advanced spectroscopy systems, and our team of chemists is highly-trained and skilled at applying a combination of chemical characterization techniques to assist with the analysis. 

Our analyzing methods provide a comprehensive chemical characterization of substances and materials, ensuring the safety and therapeutic effect of the final product. Our areas of expertise include: 

Working with Element

With extensive expertise and skilled resources at our disposal, we tailor our chemical analysis to your precise requirements. The results of our chemical characterization testing help you to identify the contents and composition of various materials and substances in your pharmaceutical products, and give you the certainty that the product is safe and quality.

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