Product formulation is a unique and highly technical challenge, but Element’s experienced chemists can support you on your journey toward product improvement or new product development.

Small batch manufacturing allows manufacturers to experiment with new formulations of cosmetics, household products, paint, pesticides, plastics and more to create a final product that meets their specifications. Element’s precision and expertise ensures that customers will achieve a small batch product that is accurate and can be successfully scaled to a much larger manufacturing endeavor.

Why Use Small Batch Manufacturing?

Working in small batches allows our customers to identify and eliminate problems with an existing formula, try out alternative ingredients to reduce cost or reach a new market, or to develop and test an altogether new product. New formulations or changes to existing formulation can create unforeseen challenges, and small batches provide opportunities to test for stability, evaluate aesthetic or functional properties, estimate cost for larger-scale production and more.

Element’s cutting-edge capabilities help customers precisely target areas for improvement, detect potential contaminants from machinery or the manufacturing environment, and identify ingredients that may be having unintended impacts on the final product. Even seemingly minor changes in product formulation or production processes can have a massive impact on the final product. Trust Element’s knowledgeable chemists to provide the insight you need through expert small batch manufacturing.

How can Element Help?

Element does more than mix ingredients: our chemists provide analytical and consultancy services to help your company address problems with a formulation or achieve a specific outcome. Our skills and experience in many top commercial industries give us the insight to provide tailored solutions. We will work with you to create a plan of action and bring your product from small batches to full-scale manufacturing.

Contact us for a complete overview of services that can help you overcome formulation challenges and produce a superior product. Regardless of your industry, we have an expert ideally suited to meet your needs.

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