About Dongtan

Dongtan laboratory (main building), established in October 2014, provides specialized services in EMC, wireless, and reliability testing.

Dongtan Services 

Dongtan laboratory performs EMC testing to check for the affects of electromagnetic waves generated from electronic devices on the performance of other devices and whether the performance of these electronic devices is also affected by electromagnetic waves generated from other devices.

Our wireless device certification services are essential in protecting users from potential harm associated with unintended interaction between wireless products. We ensure the safety of people and radio wave standards to be met through wireless testing.

Our team also projects the failure-free use time of products through reliability testing and checks whether the target quality level is maintained after a specified period of time.

Through small battery and electrical safety testing, we check for possibilities of overheating, short circuit, overcharging, and the like and verify their safety through tests conducted in accordance with the safety standards of target countries before they are launched in the market.

EMC testing

• Automotive parts testing capabilities such as KS C 9990, CISPR 25, E-Mark (ECE R10)
• EMC testing for various products and industries such as ICT, A/V application equipment, household appliances, industrial equipment, scientific and medical equipment

Supported products

• High-frequency devices used for industrial, scientific or medical purposes
Automobiles and spark ignition engine driven devices
Broadcasting receivers and audio/video related devices
• Electronic home appliances
• Lighting equipment such as fluorescent lights
• Information/office equipment
• Digital devices
• Communication equipment (frequency range of 9kHZ or higher)
Wireless devices with weak electric field strength
• Parts for protecting electrical appliances
• Other related devices


Wireless testing

Testing in various fields such as 

Tests available

• Frequency tolerance
• Occupied frequency bandwidth
• Aerial power
• Unwanted emission
• Secondary radio emission
• Residence time

Reliability testing

Supported products

Automobiles, national defense/aerospace, railways, electrical/electronic devices, etc.

Tests available

Environmental testing
High-temperature/low-temperature, thermal shock, temperature /humidity cycle, humidity, high-speed temperature cycle test(PTC), altitude, salt spray, IP (dustproof, waterproof)
• Electrical performance testing
Operating voltage, power voltage fluctuation, power supply/voltage interruption, battery charge/discharge, over/reverse voltage, insulation resistance, withstand voltage
• Instrument testing
Vibration test , bump test, impact test (Half, Sawtooth ), drop test, button durability test
• Defect analysis
Cross-sectional analysis, solder analysis (crack, cold solder), semiconductor delamination analysis, whisker analysis, joint strength, ion migration, x-ray, ultrasonic analysis

Small battery - electrical safety test

Supported products

Battery: primary batteries, secondary batteries
• Electrical safety: information/communication devices , A/V devices, home appliances, lighting devices, measuring devices, medical devices
Tests available
• Performance evaluation of various industrial cells
• CB, CE, UL, KC, JIS for small battery standards processable at the same time
• Fire test facility and proficiency for battery and home appliance fire testing
• Certification facility and proficiency for various types of small and large batteries
• Cell performance evaluation environment and proficiency

Small battery fire test

• Cell-only charger/discharger of output up to 5V800A
• Charge/discharge channels (portable cells, pack 168 ch, industrial cells 136 ch, pack 6 ch)
• Electrical stability evaluation equipment (overcharge current, overcharge voltage, overdischarge current, overdischarge voltage)

Energy efficiency test

Tests available (energy efficiency)

• In accordance with the regulations on energy efficiency labeling and standards
• Adapters, chargers, television sets, monitors
Tests available (standby power)
• In accordance with the standby power reduction program (e-Standby Program Application Regulation)
• Computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, scanners, automatic power saving control devices, audio , DVD players, radio cassette, microwave oven, door phone, wired/wireless phone, bidet, hand dryer, server, digital converter, wired/wireless router