About Element Washington D.C., Columbia, Mendenhall

Element Washington, Columbia, Mendenhall (formerly known as PCTEST Columbia) was founded in 1989 by a group of former Federal Communications Commission (FCC) engineers, to meet the growing needs of many of the world’s leading technology product manufacturers, to have their products and devices independently tested against a diverse range of FCC regulatory requirements. 

Following its formation, the laboratory rapidly became a specialist provider of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing, Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) and Over the Air (OTA) testing and certification services to the international mobile device and cellular sector.

In 2011 Element Washington, Columbia, Mendenhall became a Verizon Wireless Authorized Test Facility for 4G/Long Term Evolution (LTE), which complimented its service range at the time.

The laboratory’s full service range of testing and certification services includes:

Strategically located within walking distance of the FCC’s lab in Columbia, Maryland and half an hour drive from Washington DC, Element Columbia is now the preferred, independent test house for many of the major cell/smart phone and electronic device manufacturers operating world-wide today. 

To find out more detailed information about the full range of services, go to www.pctest.com

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Washington A2LA 204101 Certificate
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  • Washington A2LA 204103 Certificate
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  • Washington CCF Certificate
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  • Washington FCC CAB Designation A2LA
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  • Washington FCC CAB Designation NVLAP
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  • Washington NIST Notification EMC
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  • Washington NIST Notification RED
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  • Washington NIST Ph1 Recognition ISED
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  • Washington NIST Ph1 Recognition Korea RRA
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  • Washington NMI Certificate
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