More than ever, businesses need to ensure their workplaces are safe. Element can undertake a COVID-19 Workplace Risk Assessment with indoor air dispersion modeling of virus particles to improve the safety of your employees, customers, and visitors in buildings. 

Using state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling software, we determine how COVID-19 particles are dispersed in workplace areas such as office spaces, industrial environments, hospitals, schools, or public buildings. By taking into account existing ventilation, convection currents, multi-phase airflow properties, and heat sources, we can accurately predict how the virus particles are dispersed in the air and where the greatest concentrations are likely to be. The impact of increased ventilation, barriers and a variety of other controls can also be evaluated based on modeling data.  

Recommendation of control measures

The results of air dispersion modeling help build up highly detailed recommendations for improvements to control the flow of Covid-19 particles. Visualizing the impacts of proposed control measures and using different scenarios means the most appropriate and effective solution can be put into practice. We make sure you choose the right solution for your company and, therefore, a safer workplace environment for your colleagues.

Element’s CV19 Secure - Workplace assessment

Our workplace air dispersion modeling services are part of our CV19 Secure - Workplace Assurance Scheme. We will assess your workplace and identify any gaps and areas for improvement. It will ensure your workplace coronavirus policies, practices, and risk assessments are compliant with UK government guidance and best practice measures. 

On completion of your risk assessment, you will be scored against our five-star rating based on UK government guidance. Your rating will appear on a certificate of compliance that can be publicly displayed. The certificate includes a QR code to allow anyone to verify the current status of the certificate at any moment in time.

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