Important Updates to CE Marking of 2.4 GHz Digital Transmitters (Bluetooth, WLAN, ZigBee etc.)

On November 30th, EN 300 328 version 1.8.1 will be superseded by version 1.9.1, and will no longer give Presumption of Conformity.

You will need to update your Technical File before this date to continue selling your equipment in the EU. 

What are the changes?

There have been a number of changes between the two versions of the standards. Some of these changes can be covered by documentation review, but others will require additional test evidence. The changes cover many aspects of the testing, including amended measurement methods for power spectral density, transmitter spurious emissions, and emission bandwidth. Without covering these revised requirements, manufacturers cannot explicitly show compliance to the new version of the standard.

What should you do now?

The most important thing is that you must act quickly. Version 1.9.1 has been available for over eighteen months, but there are still products on the market now which have not been tested to this new version.  As of November 30th, any such products can no longer be placed onto the EU market.You should contact your preferred test partner immediately and arrange for the additional testing to take place, and you should make all of the appropriate changes to your Technical File and DoC, so that you can declare compliance to the new standard as soon as possible.  Any delays now could prevent you from continuing to market your products after the deadline on November 30th.

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