Coming soon: The European Commission's Guide to the EMC Directive

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The European Commission will publish its official guide to the EMC Directive (2014/30/EU) in the coming months.

The Guide was compiled by the EMC Working Party, which is made up of National Administrations’ representatives and other invited experts. Element is pleased to have been a primary contributor, through its role as chairman of the EU Association of Notified Bodies (EUANB) and a member of the EMC Working Party.

What is the guide for?

Providing practical guidance on the Directive, the Guide will offer invaluable support to manufacturers and CE Marking practitioners wishing to gain a greater understanding of their specific responsibilities and ensure that all of their obligations are met.

How will this help achieve CE compliance?

It will be especially useful to help avoid any ambiguities regarding additional duties which may not have been required under the previous EMC Directive. For example, the manufacturer is responsible for undertaking a full risk analysis, complying with essential requirements, and ensuring that they can provide evidence of having done so.

Should the harmonized standard route have been followed, the manufacturer has a duty to apply the right one. However, the manufacturer also now has an additional duty to determine if the standard is fully adequate for the product and its environment, or if the product requires additional tests to be performed (as a result of the risk analysis) before being placed on the open market.

If you are currently confused about the complex process of achieving CE compliance and would like specialist support to ensure that you meet all of your obligations, please contact us or call UK +44 808 234 1667 or US +1888 786 7555.

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