Repair of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials

By Engaged Expert Lars Wistfors and Annelie Eveborn

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Composite materials are used widely in the Aerospace and Automotive sector, and they are now commonplace in many industries due to their lightweight and corrosion-resistant nature. However, they operate in a different way from many other materials and can be expensive to replace. When you use composite products, it’s essential to understand if and how the materials can be repaired to ensure your end products are safe and fit for their purpose.

What will you learn?

Join Lars Wistfors and Annelie Eveborn for an on-demand webinar to help you understand what a carbon fiber composite is, the damage that can occur, and determine if it is safe and cost-effective to repair your materials.

Who it's aimed at

If you are a company that manufactures composite materials and uses composite products, you will benefit by learning about when and where the repair process can be used.

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