Building products are among the oldest material applications in the world – and they have never stopped changing. From their beginnings as wood, stone and steel to today’s high-tech composites and alloys, building products have experienced unprecedented growth and development. 

Building product testing requires independent technical support to prepare products and processes for the rapidly evolving, heavily regulated construction market. Element experts provide that support with precise, accredited testing and inspection. 


Research & development

Element supports early research and development stages with material selection, reverse engineering, nondestructive testing, and other services.


Manufacturing phase

From mechanical testing to environmental simulation—and from tensile testing to packaging evaluation, Element scientists and engineers smooth the bumps on the road to market. Our failure analysts can turn oversights into opportunities, reducing future costs and surprises.


Product evaluation

Your Element project team comes equipped with advanced instrumentation and advanced knowledge of industry codes and has the accreditations to conduct product testing for ICC-ES, Miami-Dade and other agencies.


Accuracy, reliability, and quality

Element supports a program of maintenance and calibration of equipment and laboratory facilities to ensure accurate construction testing. Our personnel and facilities are periodically inspected and accredited by AASHTO, CCRL, Corps of Engineers, ICC, and various other state and private agencies.


The Element advantage 

Element has extensive building product testing and consulting capabilities for a wide range of materials and components.

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Services We Offer

Element’s building products testing capabilities cover a variety of test types and consulting services. Our experts can work with you to develop new test protocols, interpret building codes, provide product and engineering support, and more. 

While we always open to taking on custom or complex projects, some of our standardized services include:

  • Acoustics and Sound Absorption Testing
  • Architectural safety
  • Asphalt Mixture Testing
  • Compression Testing
  • Constituent Analysis
  • Density and Specific Gravity
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Simulation
  • Glazed Material Testing
  • Impact Testing
  • Impurities
  • Particle Size and Sieve Analysis
  • Proof Load Testing
  • Tensile Testing
  • Thermal Properties
  • Void and Air Content
  • Water Absorption and Water Vapor Transmission
  • Weathering and Aging
  • Window, Door and Curtain Wall Testing

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