From exploratory drilling and geotechnical evaluation of a site’s soil conditions—through inspection and testing of the roofing materials, Element  assists architectural and construction teams from top to bottom. 

From the foundation to the rooftop

Element’s Construction Materials Department evaluates building materials and products from the planning stages to completion, operating a full-service construction materials testing laboratory. 

Supporting your construction project's quality control program

Our comprehensive program of construction observation and materials testing services provide the documentation you need to ensure quality construction and building code compliance. 

Relevant accreditations and qualifications

Our professional staff is comprised of registered and graduate engineers from accredited geotechnical, civil, and construction engineering curriculums. Our technicians are trained and certified in construction testing by NICET, ACI, and various state agencies. Our dedication to professional services is exemplified by our active membership in technical and professional societies such as ACIL, ASTM, ASCE, ASNT, AWS, AFSE, and CEC. We promote a policy of continuing education by attending seminars and courses that are pertinent to construction observation and testing. 

Element supports a program of maintenance and calibration of equipment and laboratory facilities to ensure accurate construction testing. Our personnel and facilities are periodically inspected and accredited by AASHTO, AMRL, CCRL, Corps of Engineers, ICC, and various other state and private agencies.

Onsite and in the lab

In addition to fieldwork, Element engineers test products and materials in the laboratory to evaluate compliance with published specifications, comparison purposes, research and development, performance verification, or failure analysis. 

Service Details

Construction Materials Testing & Engineering Standards


M 31M/M 31, M164, M252, M294, PP1, PP6, T 30, T 88, T 89, T 90, T 99, T100, T164, T166, T180, T191, T208, T209, T216, T244, T245, T265, T269, T283, T308, T310, T312, TP1, TP5


211.1, 211.2


C 25, C 40 / C40M - 11 , C 97, C 99 / C99M, C 117, C 127, C 128, C 131, C 136, C 142 / C142M, C 143 / C143M , C 170 / C170M, C 190, C 215, C 231 / C231M, C 348, C 482, C 535, C 566, C 617 / C617M, C 702 / C702M, C 880 / C880M, C1116 / C1116M, C1352 / C1352M, C1354 / C1354M, D2041, D2164, D2172, D2216, D2435, D2726, D2950, D3203, D4318, D4867, D5444, D6307, D6925, D6926, D6927, D6938




51, 85


100, 200, 500

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