Every year brings more information—and more regulation—to the building products industries. As a designer or manufacturer of building products, you know that all your components must perform as designed to meet critical compliance standards.

Whether you work with traditional wood, steel, or aluminum materials—or with new composites like glass fiber, thermoplastics, cellular vinyl, or PVC—Element knows how to provide accurate evaluations. 

Element experts evaluate railings, sheathing, building panels, beams/girders, floors and roofs, and other deck and rail components.


Paints and coatings

Performance testing for your finished products should factor in stains, paints, and coatings. Element coatings experts help you measure the efficacy of your surface treatments. 

Element chemists and polymer experts provide:

  • Physical Properties Testing: Adhesion, Thickness, Impact Resistance, Hardness, etc. 
  • Accelerated Weathering Testing: Fluorescent UV, Xenon Arc, Controlled Humidity, etc.
  • Accelerated Corrosion Testing: Salt Spray, Cyclic Corrosion, Fog Immersion, etc.
  • Environmental Exposure: Controlled Temperature/Humidity, Chemical Compatibility, Thermal Cycle, Thermal Shock, Autoclave, etc.


Hardware testing

In addition to mechanical testing for bolts, screws, and other fastening hardware, Element laboratories are qualified to test concrete, stone, and masonry anchor products for:

  • ASTM C 97
  • ASTM C 170 / C170M

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