Fire presents one of the largest risks to many organizations, not only in terms of loss of assets but also in terms of business interruption, damage to reputation and loss of customers. Loss prevention and methodology is used as a management tool to group identified risks, identify standard controls and evaluate the success of these controls.

Fire risk profiling involves identifying and prioritizing risks, then implementing a structured program to mitigate against these risks.

Warringtonfire's understanding of fire safety legislative governance and compliance issues, our risk modeling and analytics capabilities, and our knowledge of management drivers and best practices provide our clients with the insights needed to be successful in today’s uncertain economic times and competitive marketplace.

We enable company boards of directors, corporate executives, operational leaders, and risk managers to understand how risk might impact performance, how to reduce the cost of risk, how to improve economic outcomes and meet business goals, and how to monitor and manage risk effectively.

Warringtonfire's experts are able to assist clients with risk identification, assessment, quantification, retention, management, and financing. Working as one global team, with an integrated service, we help clients develop enterprise-wide solutions, build resiliency, and achieve their short- and long-term objectives. 

Property-related risk can incur some of the biggest costs to business today. As organizations look to create value from rationalizing assets and streamlining supply chains, so these potential exposures increase. The effects of a badly managed property risk are often business interruption, increased claims, damage to reputation and expensive insurance.

Warringtonfire aims to work on behalf of its clients to protect their assets and operations, and secure the optimum insurance coverage for their businesses.

Unlike some of our major competitors in the market who offer a wide range of products, covering everything from fire risk to political and financial risk, Warringtonfire specializes in fire and explosion risk.  

Warringtonfire is unique in the fire safety industry in that it provides a “one stop” shop for fire safety services and has a global reputation for the highest standards.

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