DEF STAN 59-411 is critical for defense qualification programs. Our A2LA and UKAS accredited test programs match the strict requirements of militaryand defense standards, giving you certainty in your results – and your products.


What is DEF STAN 59-411 testing?

DEF STAN 59-411 and DEF STAN 61-5 testing covers major EMC categories for land, air, and sea systems used in the UK. Outlining electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for a variety of systems and assemblies, DEF STAN 59-411 testing prepares products for use in extreme situations.


Element’s DEF STAN 59-411 testing capabilities

Dedicated military EMC chambers

Across our EMC testing sites in the UK and USA, we have 15 dedicated DEF STAN 59-411 EMC chambers. With the ability to test small fixtures and full-size vehicles, our equipment gives us the capacity and availability to perform even the most complex test plans within a competitive time frame.

Major platform support

We routinely support major DEF STAN 59-411  testing and development programs in the USA, UK, and European countries.

We also work with customers and the Ministry of Defense to develop testing packages that cover both defense and commercial requirements with a single test program.

EMC testing

We perform testing for man-worn portables, line replacement units, and subsystems and support equipment, covering:

  • Conducted Emissions
  • Conducted susceptibility
  • Radiated Emissions
  • Radiated susceptibility
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Combined EMC and environmental programs

As a single-source partner for EMC and environmental testing, we deliver fast turnaround times to help you meet contractual and operational requirements. 


DEF STAN 59-411 testing services we support


The Element advantage

With a global network of A2LA and UKAS-accredited EMC laboratories and years of experience in military and aerospace testing, Element experts can help you with even the most challenging military and defense projects.

We work with you to create DEF-STAN testing programs that meet your technical, contractual, and operational requirements, giving you confidence in their ability to perform under any conditions. We are committed to supporting you with on-time delivery and multidisciplinary support, so your projects are right the first time, every time. 

In addition to DEF STAN 59-411, we also provide MIL STD 810, DEF-STAN 00-35, and RTCA DO 160 military and defense testing services.

For more information about our DEF STAN 59-411 testing services, or to request a quote, contact us today.

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What is an EMC risk assessment?

EMC risk assessments are a combination of analysis & evaluation of potential EM hazards associated with the product & environment. Read our free guide. READ MORE

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