Element works with manufacturers of whole vehicles and the automotive supply chain that provides the sub-assemblies.

With our Early Stage Qualification (ESQ®) services we make the route to transportation and automotive EMC compliance easier. We engage with design teams at the beginning of the product life cycle to help eliminate unnecessary cost and risk of EMC testing. By avoiding the common pitfalls experienced by manufacturers, you can ease your way through compliance and increase your probability of passing on time and on the first attempt.

Element operates accredited transportation and automotive EMC laboratories in the US (ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by A2LA or NVLAP) and the UK (UKAS accredited to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005) and appointed as a Technical Service with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). This allows us to conduct automotive EMC testing and validation of both whole vehicles and their sub-assemblies for civilian, industrial and military vehicles to support E Marking or specific military standards.

Our heavy equipment semi-anechoic chamber is specifically designed for testing cars, plant equipment and military vehicles. It features a large internal space (18m x 14m) and it is floor rated to support up to 70 tonnes. This makes our largest EMC chamber comfortably big enough for any size of vehicle including:

  • Military vehicles
  • Cars
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Public transport
  • Heavy good vehicles
  • Industrial plant equipment
  • Track and race cars

Additionally Element provides transportation and automotive electronic circuit designers and producers a place to develop and test products prior to obtaining specific approvals laboratory from OEM vehicle manufacturers standards. 

We also support the entire supply chain which provides electronic sub-systems fitted to all vehicles

Transportation EMC Testing Capabilities
  • E Marking  (Whole vehicle and ESA)
  • CE Marking (non-immunity related ESAs)
  • SAE J551
  • SAE J1113
  • ISO 7637
  • CISPR 12 and 25 Radiated Emissions Testing
Additional Transportation and Automotive Product Testing Services

In addition to EMI/EMC testing, Element offers an extensive range of product qualification testing including environmental simulation, mechanical, safety, structural, operational, functional and performance testing as well as fluid conveyance testing and specialty tests including hail and sand/dust and combined environmental and operational reliability testing.

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