Designing a functional product in today's world is only part of ‘product realisation’ – the process of turning an idea or concept into a physical product that is fit for purpose and suitable for its end application and market. Anecdotally,  60% of the time and cost of bringing a product to market is spent on validation and verification (V&V) of the products performance, functionality and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Element provide one of the widest range of test and support services in the world aimed at getting your product to market and complying with the V&V requirements. Our service offering to you is unique in that we understand the needs and pressures of getting to market quickly, at the right cost but also the certainty that it complies with all the imposed external requirements.

Our services are divided into three distinct and separate areas – Early Stage Qualification (ESQ); Testing; and Certification. This enables us to assist you with each phase of the product evolution without compromising our own independence and integrity whilst at the same time providing the support you need to get to market as quickly as possible.

Element's origins are as a test organization and is where the real heart of the company is. The Early Stage Qualification and Certification services that we provide are there to assist you and make your life easier (and in some cases it’s the thing that enables you to enter a given market). We respect that some organisations have their own compliance or even test departments – that’s why you can choose how to interact with us – you can use one or all of our services as you see fit.

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