Element is exhibiting at the 3rd Conference and Expo at Centro Congressi Porto Antico in Genoa, Italy. Stop by booth #12 to meet our Engaged Experts. Learn about our broad range of corrosion and coatings testing solutions for the energy industry, including oil & gas, hydrogen, and renewables.

About the event 

The event organized by AMPP Italy will host international experts to present and discuss the latest advances in knowledge and technologies for corrosion prevention. Also included in the 3-day event are workshops with training and short courses. Click link for more information about the 3rd Conference & Expo 2024.


Meet our experts

Several Element locations worldwide specialize in corrosion testing for the energy sector. Meet our global corrosion expert Phil Dent and coatings specialist Marie Halliday as well as our team from Element Milan at Module 7, Floor 2, Booth 12 to discuss how Element can help you protect your assets from corrosion. 


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Schedule a meeting with one of our experts to learn more about how we can help you with corrosion and protective coatings testing as well as our innovative materials testing solutions.


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Set up a meeting with our experts at 3rd Conference and Expo Genova 2024

Learn more about our services

Element provides a broad range of testing services and solutions for the global oil & gas industry.

Materials Testing

Materials Testing

Find out more about Element's comprehensive ranges of materials testing services available in the TIC sector, covering materials selection, application and performance testing as well as failure analysis testing services.

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Bending Fatigue Testing

Fatigue Testing

Find out how Element's fatigue testing labs help companies meet quality requirements and create safer, stronger, more successful parts and products.

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Failure Analysis for the oil & gas industry

Failure Analysis for O&G

Element offers failure analysis services with lab-based and on-site investigation capabilities that support the global oil and gas industry.

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Fracture Mechanics and Toughness Testing in Sour Environment (in-situ)

Fracture Mechanics Test in Sour Environment

Element provides in-situ Fracture Mechanics and Toughness Testing to improve pipeline designs and reduce the likelihood of failures.

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Mechanical Testing Services 640 x 480

Structural Testing & Mechanical Engineering

Element offers a range of advanced and application oriented engineering services to help solve a wide variety of mechanical engineering and structural engineering analysis problems.

Corrosion-Testing 640x480

Corrosion Testing Services 

Find out about Elements extensive corrosion testing expertise in the Energy industry across a global network of laboratories.

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Coatings Testing

Coatings Testing

Find out about Elements range of coatings testing services designed to help to make certain that materials, products and pipelines we test for our customers are protected from corrosion, ultraviolet light, water penetration, heat, abrasion and chemicals.

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Weld testing services

Weld Testing for the oil & gas sector

Element offers weld testing services to simulate conditions for welds and offshore components and their behavior in the field, including increased temperatures, higher pressures, corrosive conditions, and deepwater environments.

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