About Element Milan

As one of the leading providers of testing services to the Energy sector, Element Milan has over 40 years of experience in supporting customers with a comprehensive range of materials testing, failure analysis, engineering consulting, and welding services.

Working in ever-deeper waters and harsher environments, Element Milan specializes in qualifying materials and fabrication procedures to meet industry standards and to ensure that assets operate as expected when deployed and are safe, compliant, and fit for purpose.


Laboratory capabilities and services

Element Milan laboratory offers unique capabilities with specialist equipment for the growing capacity of Cryogenic testing and low temperature testing, for both static and dynamic tests. We are also able to offer routine mechanical tests on aluminum, titanium, composites, steels and many other materials. Our multi-year experience and values allow us to take care of our clients from the beginning to the end of the project and deliver exceptional service.

The qualification methods used include;

Tensile tests, impact tests, Surface Crack Tension (SCT), Compact Tension (CT), fracture mechanics, and fatigue testing are also carried out at cryogenic temperatures using special chambers designed to keep temperature as low as 4 Kelvin (−269°C / -450°F).

The laboratory conducts fracture mechanics tests in sour service environments to provide customers with data for ECA/FFS and recreate the behavior of materials behavior in real operating conditions.


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Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Milan ISO 17025 Accredia
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  • Milan ISO 45001 Bureau Veritas English
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  • Milan ISO 45001 Bureau Veritas Italiano
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  • Milan ISO 90012015 Bureau Veritas English
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  • Milan ISO 90012015 Bureau Veritas Italiano
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