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As part of Element's global network of testing labs, Energy Assurance now offers a greater depth and breadth of expertise and a fully integrated, global services platform that supports your product throughout its lifecycle. 

Cut costs and reduce time to market as you develop safe and reliable battery cells, modules, and packs. As technologies advance and regulations change, we remain your single-source provider for comprehensive battery cell, module, and pack testing services; battery certification; and advisory services across all industries.

Bring the best possible product to market and gain a competitive edge with the data produced from Element’s customized testing, failure analysis, and R&D advisement at the cell, module, and pack level.

A unified hub for battery testing & more across industries

Meet your testing, advisory, and certification needs at every stage of the product life cycle through Element’s unified laboratory network. Energy Assurance’s battery testing expertise enhances Element’s ability to serve your needs quickly, accurately, and easily. Trust Element for the same quality services you relied on from Energy Assurance plus much more – keep scrolling to learn more about some of Element’s many capabilities.

Experience unrivaled speed, quality, and efficiency in testing

Our real-time data access provides you with detailed reports expediently, and our experts offer individualized guidance and help you interpret data. Element has the largest capacity of any battery testing lab system in the United States, plus the experience and flexibility to offer a full range of performance evaluations, regulatory testing, certification, and engineering services.

Element’s robust battery testing facilities support multiple industry-standard formats. Our cell testing capabilities range from 5V-150µA to 5V-450A and multiple channels can be run in parallel to handle over 1200A of current. We test both small and large format packs with our largest channels being suitable for electric vehicle applications (900V-1000A).

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Your expert partner throughout the battery development lifecycle

Still researching? Here are a handful of our many services to help you achieve regulatory approval quickly and efficiently.

Battery Cycling 640 x 480

Battery Testing Services

Element stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends, including automotive, medical, and technology. We offer comprehensive battery testing services for a wide variety of batteries and cells.

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Battery Safety Testing

Protect consumer safety, ensure reliable performance, and support your brand’s reputation with advanced battery safety testing for a wide range of battery-powered products. 

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battery testing laboratory

Battery Performance Testing

Element’s battery performance testing provides crucial insight on how your battery will perform under real-world conditions.

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battery failure analysis laboratory

Battery Failure Analysis

Identify the root cause of battery failures and build better, safer products with data from Element’s comprehensive battery failure analysis.

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battery abuse test laboratory

Battery Abuse Testing

Exhaustive battery abuse testing from Element provides clear data on how batteries, including lithium-ion batteries, will react to extreme circumstances.

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Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery Testing & Certification

Find out how Element performs safety and compliance testing on Lithium-Ion batteries for the wireless industry.

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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Battery Testing

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Battery Testing

We perform validation testing on Li-ion and Ni-MH battery cells, modules, ultracapacitors and packs to ensure the safety and performance of your products.

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Battery Competitive Benchmark Testing

Element’s battery benchmark testing helps you understand how your battery’s performance compares to that of your competitors.

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Safety Testing

Electrical Safety Testing and Certification

Discover how Element combines its range of electrical testing with EMC, radio, wireless and IoT compatibility services to get your products to market faster.


Consumer Electronics

Find out how Element supports the testing and certification of consumer electronics products to the global market.

Wireless Power Transfer

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

Find out how Element can help you with your stray RF energy challenges created by your near-field and far-field WPT applications.

Electrochemical Corrosion Testing 640 x 480 May 2018

Electrochemical Corrosion Testing

Find out how electrochemical corrosion testing helps prevent harmful interactions between metallic medical devices and biological processes by assessing corrosion susceptibility using cyclic potentiodynamic polarization per ASTM F2129.

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electric vehicle battery testing

Article: Understanding Potential Changes to UL 1642

A new proposal would add additional requirements when a battery cell contains a sulfide-based electrolyte. Element's experts weigh in.

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Medical Device Testing Case Study Consensus Orthopedics

CE Marking for the European Union

Element supports companies from start to finish to help them negotiate European Directive standards and achieve CE Marking on electrical products.

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Article: EV Battery Testing From Cell to Module to Pack

Battery components of all sizes require specialized testing. Learn more about  the various testing requirements for cells, modules and packs.

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element automotive testing laboratory

EV Manufacturing in the United States

The recent increase in US manufacturing driven by new policies will also naturally increase the demand for domestic product testing services.

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