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Trialon has been providing reliable testing services since 1982, building strong relationships and forging a reputation for excellent service. The capabilities and expertise of Trialon are now integrated with Element’s global network of laboratories, giving you access to the same services you rely on, plus hundreds more from a single laboratory partner.

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With the infrastructure of Element’s vast laboratory network, Trialon customers can now access more specialized services, greater testing capacity, and a broader network of experts. Rely on Element to be your single-source provider of testing services spanning dozens of industry sectors and every product stage from materials testing to post-consumer failure analysis.

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Still researching?  Here's some information about a few of our many services. 

Transportation Testing Services

With over 100 years of experience, Element is a leading provider of materials and product testing services to the transportation sector in the United States, UK and Europe.

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Automotive EMC Testing 640x480

Automotive EMC Testing

Element’s automotive EMC testing services ensure the safety and compatibility of your electric components, systems and sub-assemblies.

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Climatics and Environmental Testing

Climatics and Environmental Simulation

Element can provide you with critically important data on your product or part's performance in response to typical or extreme environmental conditions.

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Shock testing 640 x 480

Shock Testing

Shock testing is used to measure the impact of sudden acceleration caused by explosion, drop, or collision. Element experts perform shock testing to prepare products for harsh industrial, transportation and military environments.

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Vibration Testing Equipment

Vibration Testing

Find out how Element's vibration testing services help to make certain that the products we test for our customers will perform safely and as expected when in the field.

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Manufacturing and Fabrication

Element’s fabrication services support your prototyping and product testing needs with custom-manufactured fixtures, tools, attachments, transfer carts, and more.

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laboratory staffing services

Laboratory Staffing Services

Element provides flexible short- and long-term staffing solutions for your testing laboratory, ensuring the right expertise and cultural fit for your organization.

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Materials Testing

Materials Testing

Find out more about Element's comprehensive ranges of materials testing services available in the TIC sector, covering materials selection, application and performance testing as well as failure analysis testing services.

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