Element’s physical and mechanical testing helps determine the material properties of your polymer and plastic products, ensuring that they meet the demands of their specific pharmaceutical application.

Determination of material properties of polymers and plastics is critical in all stages of product development. Mechanical and physical testing provides developers with a better understanding of their product and introduces greater quality control for product release. Testing polymers for their material properties also provides valuable data when conducting failure analysis investigations and support in any potential litigation.

With vast experience in the polymers and plastics industries, Element’s scientists provide a complete suite of physical and mechanical testing of polymers and plastics to help you improve and qualify your materials and products. Our services include:

Working with Element

Element extensive testing capabilities for physical and mechanical testing on polymers include standards such as ASTM, ISO, MIL specifications, BASMS, USP as well as customer specific methods and protocols. 

Servicing virtually every industry sector, our mechanical and physical testing can support your project in research, design, and quality control. Results are reported quickly and accurately to keep you informed on your material properties in all stages of product development. 

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