Element’s characterization testing gives you an understanding of the physical properties of pharmaceutical materials, an important part to successful product and process development.  

Physical properties can have an impact on product performance, stability, product appearance, and processability. Understanding the physical characteristics of your product at the earliest stage of pharmaceutical development gives you a valuable competitive advantage, and minimizes potentially costly product failures later in the development phase.

We provide critical characterization of physical properties for the development of new products and for verifying and establishing specifications of new and existing products. We also give you a sound understanding of the relevant physical properties of materials, important in the formulation and de-formulation of products, for quality control purposes to verify raw materials specifications, and to help solve failure related problems. 

Element is a leading provider of characterization testing for pharmaceutical products. Our scientists have extensive experience with an array of product types, from raw materials to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), and can apply a variety of physical characterization techniques, including:

Working with Element

Our team of highly-experienced scientists works closely with you to guide you through all aspects of physical characterization testing. As your service provider of choice, Element has broad-based and highly-knowledgeable resources, and well-equipped laboratories, offering client retention of intellectual property and flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

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