X-Ray Diffraction, frequently abbreviated as XRD, is a non-destructive test method used to analyze the structure of crystalline materials. 

XRD analysis, by way of the study of the crystal structure, is a powerful non-destructive technique used to identify the crystalline phases present in a material and thereby reveal chemical composition information. Identification of phases is achieved by comparison of the acquired data to that in reference databases. 

X-ray diffraction is useful for evaluating minerals, polymers, corrosion products, and unknown materials. Among the most common tests are the identification and quantification of the crystalline phases, determination of the percent crystallinity, and analysis of the crystal structure.

In most cases, the samples analyzed at Element are analyzed by powder diffraction using samples prepared as finely ground powders.  


Performing X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) analysis

This test method is performed by directing an x-ray beam at a sample and measuring the scattered intensity as a function of the outgoing direction. Once the beam is separated, the scatter, also called a diffraction pattern, indicates the sample’s crystalline structure. The Rietveld refinement technique is then used to characterize the crystal structure which most likely provided the observed pattern. 


Residual Stress Measurement (RSM) using XRD analysis 

For over twenty years, Element has performed retained stress measurements regularly and has gained extensive experience in this field. Our residual stress measurement experts have developed many innovative procedures incorporating the use of a RIGAKU stress analyzer to measure RSM using x-ray diffraction. We are available to discuss the possibilities of using residual stress measurements for your projects.


The Element advantage 

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