About Element Toulouse

The laboratory offers a single location service for metallic and non-metallic materials including nickel based alloys, advanced steel alloys, titanium alloys, aluminium alloys, advanced polymer composites, adhesives, thermoplastic and thermoset materials, elastomers 3D printing powders and powdered materials for 3D printing.
The laboratory’s standard services include static mechanical, metallurgical, fatigue, fracture toughness, crack propagation, creep and stress rupture, powder analysis and small scale component testing. In addition, Toulouse has a fully equipped machine shop for specimen preparation and environmental chambers for moisture conditioning.

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Toulouse Airbus Approval
    PDF - 115.65 KB Download
  • Toulouse Airbus Helicopters
    PDF - 123.85 KB Download
  • Toulouse Aubert and Duval Approval
    PDF - 150.86 KB Download
  • Toulouse Boeing D1 4426
    JPG - 150.37 KB Download
  • Toulouse Bombardier Letter of Approval
    PDF - 100.01 KB Download
  • Toulouse COFRAC ISO 17025 Certificate
    PDF - 268.65 KB Download
  • Toulouse COFRAC ISO 17025 Scope
    PDF - 56.28 KB Download
  • Toulouse Dassault Aviation
    PDF - 2.4 MB Download
  • Toulouse Embraer Supplier Qualification Report
    PDF - 947.3 KB Download
  • Toulouse GE Aviation GT193 T2580
    PDF - 34.52 KB Download
  • Toulouse NADCAP MTL Certificate
    PDF - 322.11 KB Download
  • Toulouse NADCAP MTL Scope
    PDF - 125.11 KB Download
  • Toulouse Nadcap NMMT Certificate
    PDF - 377.72 KB Download
  • Toulouse NADCAP NMMT Scope
    PDF - 123.99 KB Download
  • Toulouse Safran Letter AQPS 260 20180420
    PDF - 346.51 KB Download

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