As the use of additive manufacturing becomes prevalent across industries, manufacturers are challenged to identify and understand the properties of their materials. Our powder characterization services are the first step to make certain your materials are fit-for-purpose, no matter their application. 

Metal additive manufacturing offers a new landscape of complex component design for industries, including aerospace, transportation, and medical device. Metal powders provide many benefits when compared to traditional metal forging. Manufacturers can print the part exactly as intended, which requires no machining, less material waste, and the powder left over after printing can be reused. 

Element’s powder characterization services

Our materials experts are at the forefront of additive manufacturing testing, providing comprehensive services from full-scope powder characterization services required by ISO/ASTM 52907 to mechanical testing to failure analysis. We work to ensure your materials meet relevant standards, as well as any custom standards or test requests provided by your organization. 

Powder characterization validates that the properties of the material are pure, uniform between batches, and ready to be 3D printed. Our powder characterization services include: 

Element also provides hardness testing, tensile testing, fatigue testing, and more to ensure crucial mechanical material properties weren’t lost in the printing process and to understand the strength and durability of the final product.  

To learn more about our powder characterization services or to request a quote, contact us today. 

Giles Mertens, Department Manager Chemistry and Powder Testing at Element Antwerp, explains the use of ICP-OES for powder characterization for additive manufacturing.

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